Coaching Supervision with Kathryn

What is Coaching Supervision?

Cultivated learning community for

  • reflection
  • exploration
  • discussion
  • professional growth

Sacred space to articulate

  • your relationships with your clients
  • where you are stuck or where you are succeeding
  • your emotions, your interventions and outcomes

Opportunity to

  • hold your coaching methods up to the light
  • set objectives and reflect on those
  • consider your needs and the needs of your clients
  • challenge assumptions

Supervision provides you with a place to deepen your personal understanding which in turn enables you to deepen your professional understanding.

What are the Advantages of Group and Individual Supervision?

Group Supervision

  • Learn from others
  • Observe colleagues notice and articulate their experience
  • Recognize similarities in what the group shares and describes
  • Develop awareness of what you are experiencing
  • Grow the ability to share struggles, fears, failures, and stuck-ness more candidly

Individual Supervision

  • Time and focus on you and your work
  • Personal engagement
  • Ability to dig deeply

I am a graduate of the Coaching Supervision Academy’s certification program and currently embarked on a doctoral program at Middlesex University. Since January 2010, I have participated in supervision while maintaining my own coaching career. I relish it, learn from it, immerse myself in it and know I want to bring this experience to other coaches.

Please contact me if you’d like to learn more.

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